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Renters Insurance

from Hometown Insurance Agency

Renters Insurance

A new job or a lifestyle shift may have prompted you to move to Oklahoma. If you find renting a condo a more stress-free option than buying a new home, you may like to purchase renters insurance.

While Oklahoma does not require tenants to take out renters insurance, it may sometimes be requisite in some lease contracts. Whether you are renting an apartment, a condo, or a house in Tulsa, this policy helps keep you and your personal things protected from theft and other unfortunate events.

Renters Insurance in Oklahoma, Texas, & Missouri

Insurance coverage for renters typically comes in two basic types: personal property and personal liability. However, you can select add-ons such as medical payments to others, valuables, and additional living expenses to ensure peace of mind.

Personal property coverage: This safeguards your belongings against damage or loss due to theft, vandalism, fire, water damage, and smoke damage. Commonly covered personal property includes clothes, furniture, appliances, and electronic items such as laptops and computers.

Personal liability coverage: If someone is injured in your apartment or if someone’s property is damaged while they are in your apartment, this takes care of your financial and legal responsibilities to them. It pays for their medical bills or your legal expenses in case they sue you.

Medical payments to others coverage: This covers the medical expenses of a visitor injured in your Oklahoma residence, no matter whose fault it is.

Valuables coverage: You can add this coverage to your renters insurance policy if you have fur, jewelry, original artwork, antiques, and watches that need special coverage.

Additional living expense coverage: Sometimes, a burst pipe necessitates you to vacate your Tulsa home so repairs can be done. Additional living expense coverage pays for your living costs on the days you are temporarily housed somewhere.

Get Renters Insurance in Tulsa Today

Oklahoma is a disaster-prone state. If your rental home gets destroyed, keep in mind that the landlord’s insurance policy only covers the structure and not your personal items. So, even if your landlord does not require you to carry renters insurance, getting insured remains a necessity.

Whether you are new to Tulsa or between homes and are looking for the appropriate policy for your needs, Hometown Insurance Agency can help.

Our independent insurance agents will find the best coverage for you while you wait.

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