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Homeowner Insurance

from Hometown Insurance Agency

Homeowner Insurance

Your home is your largest investment, so you want to safeguard it at all costs. If you have just moved to Tulsa or are planning to relocate anywhere in Oklahoma, you must be aware that Oklahoma is one of the states that experience natural disasters more frequently. This makes homeowner insurance an essential part of Oklahoma living.

Homeowner insurance protects not only your house but also its contents and any other structures within your entire property. The policy reimburses the costs of repairs or replacement when your property or belongings get partially or totally damaged. This may be due to natural occurrences such as tornadoes, hailstorms, wildfires, snowstorms, and earthquakes, or other unforeseen circumstances like fire, thefts, and break-ins.

Extra Protection Beyond the Basics

Did you know that homeowner insurance offers protection beyond just your house and assets as well? When shopping for the right policy for you, you may consider adding other options to give you an extra layer of coverage.

Valuable items blanket coverage

This insures items not typically covered in a homeowner policy. If you have rare collectibles, jewelry, and fine art, you may give this a thought.

Loss of use coverage

Sometimes, damage to your home makes it temporarily unlivable. This type of coverage pays for the living expenses you incur when residing elsewhere while your property is being repaired.

Liability coverage

This pays for your legal fees if you face a lawsuit from a neighbor or a visitor.

Earthquake coverage

Earthquakes often occur in Oklahoma — all the more reason to add this to your policy.

Medical payments coverage

Medical emergencies often catch anyone’s budget by surprise. This coverage makes all the difference in the event someone figures in an accident inside your Tulsa property and sustains injuries.

Get Oklahoma, Texas, & Missouri Homeowner Insurance Customized to Your Requirements

Homeowner insurance coverage varies from one home insurer to another. Therefore, picking the best homeowner insurance provider is all about the right mix of coverage options, reasonable rates, and good customer service.

If you find comparing quotes and insurers a bit confusing, we at Hometown Insurance Agency can do it for you. We are independent insurance agents catering to clients in Tulsa. We offer a wide range of home insurance options that suits any homeowner’s requirements. We can customize a policy for you according to your lifestyle and budget.

Give us a call today at 918-221-7686 or contact us online for a fast quote.