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Boat Insurance

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Boat Insurance

Boating is a favorite pastime in Oklahoma due to the many lakes adorning the state. Got a new boat and want to take it for a sunset spin? Before heading out to one of the lakes near Tulsa, make sure you and your boat are well protected.

Oklahoma laws do not mandate watercraft owners to carry boat insurance. However, a day of fun could run you the risk of an accident, which may result in significant injuries — sounding the death knell for your boating dreams.

Oklahoma, Texas, & Missouri Boat Insurance

Boat insurers in the state provide insurance coverage for these types of boats:

  • Yacht
  • Sailboat
  • Canoe
  • Speedboat
  • Pontoon
  • Bass boat
  • Paddleboat
  • Fishing boat
  • Banana boat

Safeguard Yourself on the Waters

Boat insurance serves as your life jacket when you’re enjoying a weekend on the water with family and friends. It allows you to create precious memories without having to stress about everybody’s safety.

Much like auto insurance, boat insurance offers coverage options to fit different scenarios.

Property coverage

This policy applies whether your boat is on water or land. It pays for the cost of repair for any damage to your boat. It also covers the replacement cost if your boat is beyond repair.

Liability coverage

If you injure another boater or your boat damages another boater’s watercraft during an accident, this covers their medical as well as their repair expenses. Moreover, if you are being sued, liability insurance pays for your legal fees.

Medical payments coverage

This insures you and your passengers in the event of a boating accident regardless of who’s at fault. If you and your companions sustain injuries, medical payments coverage pays for the cost of your medical care.

Uninsured watercraft coverage

This pays for bodily injuries you and your passengers sustain from an accident caused by an uninsured boater.

Collision and comprehensive coverage

Collision insurance pays for the damage to your boat if you hit another vessel or an object. Comprehensive coverage pays for the damage to your watercraft due to a non-boating incident such as fire.

Personal effects coverage

You may include this as an add-on to pay for damage or replacement of personal effects. These may range from scuba and fishing equipment, binoculars, and coolers to cameras and mobile phones.

Emergency assistance coverage

This coverage applies to towing, delivery of gas, oil, or loaned battery, and labor if your boat is rendered unusable. This happens due to battery, mechanical, or electrical failure and insufficient supply of fuel.

Request a Tailored Boat Insurance Policy

Are you an avid boater in need of comprehensive protection for all your boating needs?

As independent agents, we represent different boat insurance firms and, thus, provide our Tulsa clients with multiple policy options. Contact us online to request a quote.