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Why Choose an Independent Agent?

Why Choose An Independent Insurance Agent

Shopping for insurance that provides the right coverage for your needs can be overwhelming. This is because today’s marketplace is replete with options, each one promising to be better than the other. While you can always purchase a policy online on the spot, will your choice give you peace of mind?

If you reside in the city of Tulsa in Oklahoma and want to ensure you obtain the appropriate coverage while protecting your finances, you need to consider an independent insurance agent like us. Here are some of the perks of hiring independent agents:

Countless options

Independent insurance agents don’t work for a single insurer. They represent different companies. Therefore, they are able to connect you to a wide array of products, giving you multiple options in terms of policies, coverage, and rates.

All insurance needs under one roof

Whether you’re looking for auto insurance or commercial property insurance, or both, independent insurance agents can meet all your insurance needs. So, there’s no need for you to deal with a different agent for every type of insurance.

Impartial advice

Since they are not tied to a single firm, independent insurance agents are free to offer you unbiased advice regarding a specific company or the experiences of other clients. They can also find the coverage best suited to your needs without partiality to any particular insurer.

Personalized approach

Independent agents often turn into lifetime personal consultants. Having maintained a relationship with you allows them to serve you with a more personal approach. They can update you on new prices and policies, suggest additional coverage, help file claims, and dispense professional advice when necessary.

Savings in time and money

With independent agents, you can breathe easy. You don’t have to spend hours calling or filling out forms for various insurers to compare rates and benefits. Your agent will make the quote comparison for you. They will search for the best coverage that offers the best value for your money. Because they have a vast network in the industry, they can often get you discounts.

Independent Insurance Agents in Oklahoma

Choosing an independent insurance agent in Oklahoma provides many advantages. You benefit from personalized service, huge savings, and so much more.

Whether you are seeking condo, homeowner, or boat insurance or all of these in Tulsa, Hometown Insurance Agency can shop around for you from a broad network of insurance firms. Our independent agents have the expertise to tailor policies according to your requirements.

Call us at 918-221-7686 today to know more.